02/03/2016 - Miracle birth of baby Thomas-Angelos

On March 2nd in the early hours of the morning, a 38-year old Syrian woman landed on the island of Kastellorizo on a boat with 83 people. Later that night she gave birth to her baby Thomas-Angelos while transferring to Rhodes from Kastellorizo. Below a Greek newspaper and the English translation reporting the news:

"A healthy boy was born yesterday morning in the air, in a Greek Air Force helicopter, to a 37-year old woman from Syria, during an emergency airlift from Kastelorizo o Rhodes.

The signal was sent about the imminent birth, by the Health Center of Kastelorizo to the General Hospitcal of Rhodes, which instructed an ambulance for immediate transfer which resulted in an emergency request to the Greek Air Force.

Immediately, a Super Puma took off from the island to rescue the preganant mother and her companion on Kastellorizo. Also aboard the helicopter was the doctor Polymnia Galanos, who assisted the mother with the delivery of her baby during the flight.

After landing in Rhodes the mother, her companion and their baby boy were taken to hospital where it was confirmed that both mother and child were in perfect health."

However, Shanti has the untold story:

During the morning of that day our representatives were distributing aid outside the police station to a big group of new arrivals, they noticed this 9 months pregnant woman and Martina brought her immediately to the hospital in order to check everything was fine. Later in the afternoon when she was bk at the police station waiting for registration. The pregnant woman’s water broke inside the Shanti gazebo placed outside the Police station by our Reps and bought with our donors’ funds. Following this, our Reps drove her immediately to the Medical Center and stayed with the woman for more than 6 hours at the Medical Center while she waited to transfer to better-equipped hospital facilities in Rhodes. They held her hand and stayed with her to comfort and encourage her and her husband. Moreover, the Super Puma helicopter mentioned in the article above, was called by Giannis the doctor with the support of other people who rushed to help in such delicate situation.  The already mother of three, gave birth in the air, in the helicopter that was called to rescue with the help of our Shanti Representatives on the ground.

The pilot proposed to baptize the baby Angelos, as he was born in the helicopter while in flight to Rhode, and both parents agreed.  He was born of 2,460 kg, beautiful and healthy also in part thanks to Martina and Magda, our representatives, who took such good care of his mother upon her arrival on Kastellorizo.