Shanti Refugees Featured on Italian Talk Show

On March 2nd, Shanti Refugees was featured in an Italian morning talk show. Our representative, Martina, is seen working and answering questions on refugee flows and the implications of closing borders further up in Europe for Kastellorizo. Rai Tre had sent a journalist, Roberta Rei, to the island the week before, for filming and reporting material for the talk show Agorà which airs every morning for two hours on national Italian TV. The themes discussed on the show are always topics of current affairs and events. Martina, being one of the few (only?) Italian speakers on the island was interviewed directly and the name of Shanti refugees features below her name in the clip, which you can watch below using the link below.

The clip tells the story of Kastellorizo from the time it was featured in the famous Italian movie Mediterraneo (1991) which won an Oscar the same year to today, where it is once again on headline news given the current refugees crisis, and the importance of the island as a strategic point of intersection at the frontline of Europe's border.

In the clip Martina says:

Migratory movements have been stopped to three Greek islands, Kos, Simos and Lesbos so we are suspecting that this will increase flows in Kastellorizo. It is absolutely true that what we see happening on this island is exactly what is then replicated at a global level. Right now, we have no physical space to host the migrants and last night the clothing donations' building was on fire. We have lost all clothing donations.