David Miliband and the Need for Foreign Aid

David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, spoke recently to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Syrian crisis. His testimony offered a broad insight into this "human catastrophe of major proportions" and a range of recommendations for the international community about how it should help. It is worth reading for an overview of the crisis and what needs to happen next.

Discussing the influx of refugees into Europe, Miliband calls for the EU to do three things:

  • Establish safe and legal options for refugees to come to Europe. 
  • Improve reception conditions, particularly in Greece. 
  • Implement a robust and well-monitored relocation plan.

Shanti's work concerns the second point. Lesbos is the most popular destination for refugees, as Miliband notes, and much aid is correctly directed there. However, it is crucial for refugees to receive aid wherever they land. This is how we can help on Kastellorizo.

Read David Miliband's testimony in full here.